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Hello everyone.  Thank you for making your way over here to ParentingFI.  Teaching Parenting Independence and Financial Independence at the same time.  If you are looking for a resource to help teach your kids about money and life then you have found the right place.

Parenting is tough and we do enough to get through the day, week, month and year to raise kids that will grow up to be sensible adults that will make if not correct choices but educated choices that they can grow from. 

My goal is to get you take action in your life to raise your kids that will make sensible decisions instead of raising your kids like everyone else based on social norms and requirements.   Make you more involved in parenting more than you are regardless of your current involvement.  I want to teach your kids to be independent of you and anyone else financially and within life. 

I contend that if you teach your kids at any age to financially responsible they can be independent of you and lead to their own Financial Independence from their 9 to 5 job.  Having the tools and the know how will set themselves up well before, during and after college that it will lower the chance of them living at home in the basement with no end in sight. 

I hope to educate you on raising kids that listen, that behave in public but still let out their inner wild child.  Letting kids be kids and enjoying their youth.  I don’t have all the right answers but I never complain about my kids and other parents ask me how their kids can be more like my kids.   

I hear parents complain about their kids will not listen or their kids control their lives.  Kids will be kids but we can make them our kids instead of letting them learn from a source outside of your influence.   

My kids are no better or worse than your kids, but they are mine and they are yours.   All I can tell you is what I have done to make my kids the kids I am proud of without having to boast about them.  I want the same for you and it seems you do to if you keep reading. 

I hope to educate you on how money works beyond earning a paycheck, spending it and then hope there is something leftover to save for your retirement.  I am not filthy rich nor do I care to be, I care to financially free.  The only way to be that is to be smart with money vs just trying to earn more money.  Being smart with your money will earn you more than any annual raise or jump to another position will ever.   

My family immigrated to America in 1984 when I was 4 with nothing more than less than $20 in their pocket but they managed to put three kids through college without loans or scholarships working blue collar jobs.   They set me and my siblings well for after college with great foundation of working hard and saving with a good jobs so we would never have live paycheck to paycheck.   They taught us to be moral and ethical adults. 

The rich teach their kids money habits that grows the family wealth.  Middle class and poor have different money and life habits that are passed down that keep them in life on the same eco social position on the ladder.  I want to change that.    

This isn’t just for kids this is for anyone who want to learn more about how money works in our American economy.  They may not have been taught what is sensible and not when it comes to money and what impact decisions today have on tomorrow. 

I have learned what I know to get myself this far that I consider myself I am not beholden to being a slave to money instead money is my slave and works for me, and works for me very hard.  I have laid out a plan to teach my kids what my parents didn’t know that they couldn’t teach me so they will be moral sensible adults who reach FI earlier than I will.    

So sign up and join me in the journey to teach you and your kids to know more than your friends when it comes to money and how to be a better person overall as we go along this ride together!